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best ptc sites with high pay

best ptc sites with high pay

Currently people are so much eager to earn money from online sites like PTSU, PTC, taking survey, tasks, freelancing or making up a blog. PTC, being one such resource, is one of the biggest online service used in order to earn money. Each and every people today, mainly addicted internet, know and are using this PTC sites. Out of these people, most of them will be earning with very low earning that usually disappoint them, "They always need good results within a single day!", but this fact is entirely false. Deprived of investment in money or time we do not get any success in earning affluence. Investment in moreover can really work. Like my side, I 'invested' my time and got this success today. Coming back to the point, people earlier are victims to the frauds who create PTCs only for their profits and for the members. So in order to evade 4rom this, people Find for trusted and elite sites. And so I am sharing the top five sites [not referral links] that allow to earn using its service of PTC, finishing tasks and surveys and other options. The list, I'm sharing here has included some features about the sites and payment processing methods. Here is the list:


Members since Feb 2007. There are many methods to earn from Clixsense; Paid to click (paid to visit), Crowdflower Tasks, surveys also tasks from Matomy, Supersonicads, etc, ClixGrids(Ad Grids), direct referrals, Rented referrals also downline tier until 10 (Superb!). Apart from all these Clixsense also conducts contest, one of which pays $50 for the one who has completed highest number of crowdflower tasks in a week. Different amounts for first ten winners. And other option to earn is from Clixsense research, for completing survey. Clixsense also gives bonus for completing their demands, like checklist, and allows to play online games(not for earning, for fun). Payments given on every Wednesdays 5 pm EST.Payment methods: Check - $10/100, Paypal - $6/8, Payza - $6/8


Free world-wide PTC services and in multi-languages too. Website first started on March 2008 and it will be available till March 2023 (renewed until 2023). This site is rash to be paying since then and is trusted by each and every member. The trust has made the stats(daily) of the website go damn best than any other. The stats: over 10k+ members registered per day, 21,038k+ page views offered per day and paying over $139k+. All these in single day. The transactions per single day is in lac dollars, then the profit to them? There will be about 20k+ members online whenever we see. This is what we call a fortune. Leave it; about the earning methods, we have PTC, crowdflower tasks, bonus of $0.12 for every dollar earned from crowdflower tasks, surveys and offers by Supersonicads, matomy, etc and videos by Virool. Also from direct and rented referrals. Payment procedures: Paypal -$2/3.../10, Payza - $2/3.../10 and nettler - not sure about this.


Greatest of them out there, in the world, not indorse this site as an elite one. Why? Because theyconsider it by the makers of Onbux and they just did not care for some of their users. Well all this false, cause they really pay. Why would Crowdflower choose probux at what time they are not legit. Or even Virool, matomy,etc? All that is the opposing people who give all this "Bolshevik".  Started in August 28 2012, it is a legit site. About the earning methods, we have PTC, crowdflower tasks, surveys and offers by Supersonic ads, matomy, etc and videos by Virool. As usual, the commissions from both rented and direct referrals. Payment approaches: Paypal: $5, Payza: $5..

If you like this post, please share it and If you have any quarries please ask on comment section I will be very glad to answer your questions and If you know about PTC sites anything please share it with with our awesome viewers help them to know about them and earn from them on comment section and Sharing is caring Na!  so readers can get more Ideas about ptc sites. Thanks 


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