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unfollow everyone on twitter in one click

unfollow everyone on twitter at once in 2018
Free way for you so you can Unfollow all the users who are not following you back in twitter in just in few seconds, may you have follow many users you wish they follow you back but no and some users mostly follows but after few days they Unfollow you. That's why I have made an excellence script which let's you follow all the users who are not following you back in one click but only through this website.

You have to login your twitter account in this website. This website totally free and don't pay anything there is no limit of unfollowing the users:

STEP 1: Login with you your twitter Account ID
After sign up using the twitter acccount now just have to do is very simple:
and then you just have select the section of the "Not following back"
and Ctr+Shift+i and then paste this below script in it and just click the enter button and enjoy.....

Unfollow Script those who don't follow Back

    [].slice.call(document.querySelectorAll(' .followingButton')).forEach(function(button) {

 If you  have any question regarding this post please let me know by commenting just below over in the comment section or if you like it Please do share it pthanks 


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